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WORLDWIDE art show



NFT Multiverse - is a co-founder of the NFT Generation Art Fair and Tychepto Blockchai Summit.  We are a collaboration of experienced professionals in contemporary art and NFT marketing, as well as crypto and blockchain.
NFT Multiverse was established in 2021 as a worldwide NFT Art Fair  as the physical place for the exposition the  high-level NFT art projects and has represented more than 2200 artists. NFT Multiverse sponsored the NFT  Art at Blockchain Summit in Dubai, at the bi Expo 2020, Istanbul, and was the main organizer of NFT Generation  Art Show 2022- the first and biggest NFT Art Fair in Italy.


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in Southern Italy, Taormina, 4-14 MAY 2023

Crypto art (NFT): authenticity, forms of art, and digital innovation.

The goal of the exhibition is to start building bridges between the world of traditional art and the new media art, through the emerging crypto art movement. For some decades now, the symbolic exchange between the artistic image and economic value has been based on intangible support and widespread social networks. Now, we see that the technology supporting these processes has managed to solve the problem of reproducibility, without the need to use digital certificates to ensure uniqueness. This problem constitutes the present intellectual and artistic frontier.

Many of the works in this exhibition tell of the transfiguration of the human and the technological body; a model social organism, which encourages us to reflect on the relationship between physical and mental states in the present-day world. The organic function of bodies ceases to be real and becomes a metaphor for the fragmented, violated, and transported human relationships, represented by pixels that are colored by the artist's sweat. Video games, moving images, tribal signs, performances, and installations lead the viewer back to the here and now, focusing their attention on abandoned worlds looking for a light, visible frequencies, and altered states of consciousness. 

All the expressive tools serve to convey the physiognomic dimension of the bodies, as experienced emotionally by the artists, and they are proposed as a mechanism that stimulates the visitor's social criticism.

This social critique is at the same time also an economic one, since economics and art, as

functional subsystems of contemporary complex societies, are reaching a degree of interconnectedness unimaginable until a few years ago. We are talking about the world of crypto art: a form of art based on the cryptocurrency model. The economy of the future, based on information encrypted and authenticated by a blockchain, has managed to contaminate the exchange systems of contemporary art. The problem of the uniqueness of the digital work has been resolved to the satisfaction of the potential buyer. Then, the space of the ancient market becomes a repository of meaning, the site where the symbolic exchange takes place among the signs of art, the meanings of the users, and the potential achievements of so-called technological innovation

NFT (non-fungible token): something that can make these creations unique, a system encrypted with the signature of the artist. A real electronic certificate (with an encrypted code) that uses the blockchain technology. We are talking about the possibility of inserting the exhibited works into a digital system which, by ensuring non-modifiability, can become a flywheel for the creation of immense economic value.

The value of this exhibition lies not only in its content, but also in the potential of this content. Not only the works and the performances – but, above all, the possibility of being inserted into an encrypted system.

The problem of the authenticity of the works is juxtaposed with the theme of the authenticity of human and social bodies, which the artists wished to exhibit to the public. In other words, just as the artistic content in a digital format can be uploaded to exchange platforms that rely on the typical registration mechanisms of blockchains, the " image of the body" proposed by the various artists takes the form of the "body of the image." Both the bodies and the works seek authenticity.

Therefore, the objective of the exhibition is not only to foster a culture favorable to digital innovation, but also to put forth new self-assessment systems for content that is often adulterated. The criticism of social art encourages us to reflect on the imitation, and falsification, of a painting, a work, or a product; we are then led to interrogate our actual needs, the real satisfaction of our desires, and our models of social relationships, so as to live more freely.

This is the theme of authenticity – both human and technological – in present-day societies.

Yours truly,

NFT Art critic Antonio Casciaro

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Thank you and see you soon! 

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