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14-23 October 2022


The first NFT / Digital and Contemporary Art Event in the historical heart of Syracuse in Ortigia in a space of 1000 sq.m in the old city market. The event organizers NFT Multiverse and "Conteporania Open Space", supported by the city of Syracuse, Culture Department, and will be announced in the newspapers and SM and estimated visitors aprox. 5000. The exhibition will be curated by Anna Campbell, founder, and art curator of NFT Generation, and Giuseppe Piccione - the media artist and a member of the Sicilian Non-Commercial Art Association - Conteporania Open Space.

Where is Ortigia?


Ortigia - is the historical heart of Syracuse city of Sicily. 1 kilometer long and 600-meter wide historical antiche town.

More than 15 million people visit Sicily and Syracuse every year, and Ortigia is one of the most visited places everyone would like to go or visit.

In the summer of 2022, Dolce & Gabbana held a fashion show in Ortigia and brought attention to the region from all over the world, celebrities, and VIP guests visiting Ortigia for special events such as Madona, Kardashian, Sheron Stone etc. The film and music festivals are getting bigger every year.


In 2023 our team hosting  the Blockchain and NFT Art Show in Southern Italy, Taormina, Ortigia, Syracuse.

During the whole year "Tychipto" and NFT Generation organize and hosted crypto events same as educational programs, the outdoor Blockchain marketplace, NFT shows including NFT ART Exhibition in the main Museum of Ortigia "Bellomo Palace" etc.



Our mission

Syracuse, Ortigia was not chosen by chance. This is the city where anсient history was born, the city with a uniquely artistic atmosphere. It is a mixture of disparate cultural influences to create impressive architecture with growing art, music, and film festivals.

The message of our exhibition is to combine the old ancient city with futuristic art expositions as well as to popularize NFT ART as a New Generation of the Art Show. 

During the show, we are inviting private VIP guests (art collectors) for special exclusive sales.

All NFT art / Digital projects will be selected by our art curator.


ARTISTS of NFT Generation are FREE OF CHARGE/ send requests for more information.

We are offering participants a full package of printed marketing materials for free.

NFT Generation Art Fair Co-Fonder / Multimedia artist

Originally from Syracuse, Sicily, Giuseppe Piccione spent his entire childhood in South Africa. He enrolled in Architecture in Florence but maintained his passion for art and in 1986 began to create his first informal works. From 1990 to 2018 he exhibited in Italian and foreign galleries with twenty-five solo exhibitions and thirty-nine group exhibitions. His works are kept in public and private collections nationally and internationally. Versatile and completely visual Giuseppe communicates to his audience through installations, paintings, video art, photography, and digital media. As well Giuseppe has supported the social projects. He is making an art therapy classes in the rehabilitation center for disabled people,


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Art curator of NFT Generation Art Fair/ Founder NFT Multiverse/Co-founder Tychepto

Anna Campbell is a contemporary art curator and art dealer from Finland who has experience in holding art exhibitions since 2011 worldwide, has curated art shows in Monaco, Los Angeles, St.Petersburg, Melbourne, Amsterdam, and Paris. In 2021 she founded an online gallery - NFT Multiverse and brings together more than 2000 media artists. She said "Humans have just stepped into the new world of Meta. After two years of the pandemic and fears of war, people want to see beauty and peace and we want to introduce them to new NFT technologies from the aesthetics of digital art ."

In early 2021 she founded NFT Multiverse as the ptaform to bring together the best of the best artists and projects in the world of NFT art and curated the NFT art exhibition in Dubai, Italy, and Turkey. In 2022 NFT Multiverse become a  part of the Blockchain Ecomony World and become a co-fonder of the Tychepto Blockchain Summit which will be placed the whole year 2023 in South Italy. 


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