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Sunrise in Bosphorus

ISTANBUL 27-28 July 2022 
ITALY 14-23 October 2022


We are inviting you to participate in art events at a live NFT show with our gallery.

Your NFT will be shown on a large, high-quality screen at the NFT Multiverse Art Space at the largest

Our galleries NFT ART SHOW in 2021 

Istanbul 27 - 28 July 2022.

Place: Hilton Conference Istanbul 

Dubai 04-05 October 2022

Italy, 13- 20 October 2022


3000 visitors

70  sponsors

55 Countries


Our gallery will provide your NFT with 

- printed marketing material

- QR code displayed on-screen, connecting visitors to the location of your NFT

- participation in a live NFT auction during the event

Each NFT / digital art piece will be shown on a VERTICAL, LED screen (55 inches)

We accept NFT Art / Projects in high-quality, high-resolution, videos no longer than one minute.

Technical information for the VERTICAL screen: the image or video resolution should be  2160 x 3840 . JPG format for image, mp4 format for video.




A great opportunity for artists/photographers from all over the world to win a prize:

Free minting of an NFT and participation in the LIVE NFT ART SHOW with us.

Artists interested in participating must submit:

1. Short Bio 

2. Name of Project

3. Link to the art profile 

The Submission Fee: $ 25

Deadline: one month before the opening dates of the event.

Call the winner two weeks before the opening dates.